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Semaglutide Weight Loss

Here at Health and Wellness Medspa we offer a semaglutide assisted weight loss program run by our own MD, Dr. Ruba Nicola.  This program includes an initial consult with the doctor, the medication, syringes, follow up appointments with Dr. Nicola and everything that you will need for long term weight loss success.

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How does it work?

To qualify for our weight loss program you should have a BMI of 30 or higher.  We are looking for patients who truly need help getting healthy and reaching their goals.  Your first step would be to contact the medspa and set up your appointment for a consultation.  You will need to either have recent bloodwork or we can send you a script to get bloodwork to be completed before your consultation.  Once completed you will meet with Dr. Nicola to discuss your current health and your health goals.  We are aiming to not just prescribe semaglutide for weight loss but also help change your lifestyle with the guidance of a doctor.  We believe in a combination of medication as well as making a conscious effort to change your eating habits and activity level to achieve real, long term success.  Not only do we have a doctor running this program setting us apart from the other weight loss clinics, we are genuinely excited to see your progress at follow ups and are here cheering you on every step of the way!

Once you are approved for the program we will order you 5 months of semaglutide to get started.  This will be sent directly to your house for you do at home, weekly subcutaneous injections.  Dr. Nicola will give you a dosing schedule as well as a lesson on how to inject at your consultation.  After you get started we will follow up with you after the first 12 weeks to see how everything is going.  After the first 5 months are done we will do another follow up appointment to discuss how to proceed.  Most people will either continue the medication as they were or dose down to a smaller maintenance dose and wean off the medication. 

The cost for the first 5 months is $1500 in total.  If you are unable to pay in full up front we can do payments that consist of $750 up front at the consultation, then 2 monthly payments of $375.  Once your 5 months is up, we then order your semaglutide by the bottle.  Our 5ml bottles are $550. We do not accept any insurance on the medspa side.


Office manager Nicole and Receptionist Savannah after their major semaglutide weight losses


Give Savannah at the front desk a call and she can get you set up with your appointment.  We can't wait to hear from you!


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